In Him all things hold together.


“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. ” -Colossians 1:17

Why lives are being shattered and many relationships are being broken?

Colossians 1:17 has the answer; Because of the absence of The One who holds all things together.

Now it all make sense!
 6 years ago when I met him and I started praying about him and for him.
 I don’t know but at that time it comes naturally for me to pray for him asking God to protect him and bless him everyday.
 I was protecting him and secretly loving him through my silent prayers, then when we were in a relationship; at first things are going so well, But there were things that I / we can’t control. pain, heartache, misunderstanding, mistrust etc. came into our way and I noticed myself that my prayers for him become weary and eventually our relationship came to an end.

I thought he is the one to blame, I became so bitter about it. But now I realized that the problem is not misunderstanding, the problem is not the pain, the problem is not mistrust…

The real problem was we’re not praying for each other anymore, Jesus is not being the center of our relationship anymore. 
There is no One to hold us together anymore.

My greatest realization was “loving him more than Jesus is not loving him. True love is letting Jesus be the center of everything. The truth is nobody knows how to love but because of Christ, because of His great love for us we are taught how to love unconditionally.” 

The CROSS is the foundation of love. 
1 John 4:19 “we love because He first loved us.

In any relationship that you have, or in everything that you do and in every decision that you have to make always acknowledge God, let Him hold all things together for you. n_n


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